Saturday, November 9, 2013

Episode 81: Tig Notaro

In this episode of WTF, Marc sits down with Tig Notaro, a stand-up comedian of 14 years. Tig reflects on Katrina and the outpouring of support she received when she was gathering supplies and a U-Haul to take down to help aid survivors and not knowing whether or not her family that lived there was still alive. She also touches on how much she hates the “it’s hard for women in comedy” mentality and talks about how genuine a person Sarah Silverman is.

In 2012, Tig was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts and underwent a double mastectomy. Before this, she contracted a life-threatening illness called C. diff and then her mother passed away in a freak accident and then her diagnosis came. Three days after she was diagnosed she performed at the Largo. Towards the beginning of her set she says, “Tragedy plus time equals comedy. But I don’t have the benefit of time. So I’m just going to tell you the tragedy and know that everything is going to be okay” and she goes on to talk about the tragedy she’s been dealing with in an incredibly honest, personal and genuinely funny half hour called Live

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